5 Amazing Technologies at Tech Event CES-2023

First Functional Flying Car (Aska A5)

This four-passenger vehicle can be called an airplane with wheels or a flying car with wings. The wings of the car are foldable.

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Noiseless and High-speed Electric Travel to the Water (Candela C-8)

The new electric boat is capable of traveling at a speed of about 57.5 miles per hour.

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Samsung's Fold, Slide, Bend and Roll Capable Screens

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Self-driving Baby Stroller (Ella)

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Real Time Conversations Translation Glasses (TCL's Rayneo X2 AR)

Each lens also features a full-color micro-LED display, providing up to 1,000 nits of brightness. The specs also pack a camera, coming in at 16MP capable of recording 1080p videos and taking photos.

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